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Welcome to our website! We're pretty excited about it as we plan for it to be more dynamic and "social" than anything we've done before. As well as the usual information and links to our Twitter and Facebook pages, there will be regular blogs, offers, press releases, media articles, and as much as we can find time to do. Content will increase as time goes on, as will the number of pages in the website and the amount of information in our "Popular Plants" section (which is basically a scaled down plants catalogue with a link to a regularly updated availability list). So please bear with us, watch this space, and feel free to contact us.


Mature large Privet hedge plants reduced to clear for instant hedging

JANUARY SALE: Mature large Privet hedge plants reduced to clear for instant hedging




Left: one of our 6ft instant laurel hedging blocks. Right: a supposedly "instant" 6ft hedging laurel bought from another nursery!

...the first thing we'd do with the one on the right (bought on the internet as a supposedly "instant" hedging plant) is cut it back to 18" high and then grow it on for another four years, pruning it annually, until it makes a properly "instant" hedging block like ours!


Phone problems:

We are lucky enough to be in a rural setting, but this sometimes means that technical problems with our communications can happen and, if/when they do, can take longer to be fixed. If you can't get through on the phone please send us an email or message us on Facebook, leaving your phone number so that we can call you later if needs be, and we'll get back to you one way or another as soon as we can.


Social media

In addition to the content on this site, for exclusive deals and promotions, and for regular snippets of news and photos from the nursery, please follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter - there are links at the top of this page.


Gales and fencing issues...

If you've been unfortunate enough to have all or some of your garden fences blown down by the recent gales stop and think before you automatically replace the damaged fence panels with more of the same. Fencing needs to be replaced periodically whereas a hedge, if chosen and established properly, should outlive the person who planted it! Hedges are good for wildlife, good for the environment, don't need as much maintenance as some people might have you believe, and won't keep blowing down in gales. Whether you opt for small hedging plants for a long-term project (i.e. if you can afford to wait but the budget is limited), or if you opt for some of our "instant" hedging for immediate privacy and security, we can help you to choose the ideal hedge or screen to suit the conditions on your site.


Broken fence to beautiful hedge in a day

Broken fence to beautiful hedge in a day!

Wykeham Mature Plants Transform your Landscape.
At Wykeham you really can buy time

We have been supplying the trade for over 40 years and have a product range which is designed to give immediate results at the highest quality. Whether you are a Householder, Local Authority, Contractor or Garden Designer we will have a solution for you. Our extensive range of Mature Trees, Shrubs and Hedging, set in over 100 acres, give you the freedom to select, with our help and assistance, the correct product to solve your problem. Our extensive range of Mature Trees, Shrubs and Hedging are grown by us so you know exactly who you are dealing with. Personal service is at the core of what we offer and we will guide you to select the best Tree, Shrub or Hedge to transform your landscape.

Why Should I Buy Mature Plants from Wykeham?

  • You are buying time and saving time
  • We sell larger plants than are normally available in garden centres
  • Mature plants will Transform your Landscape very quickly
  • Get Instant Hedging which will give you instant screening
  • They provide an immediate new focal point in your garden
  • We have an extensive range - Trees, Shrubs, Conifers, Hedges, Living Screens, and so much more!
  • Guaranteed quality and service


Digging laurel hedging blocks from our fields

Digging laurel hedging blocks from our fields