Wykeham Laurel Blocks are the ideal solution for an instant hedge

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Looking Good
Himalayan Birch From £99.00
A truly beautiful small tree grown for its pure white stems that just get better with age...
Looking Good
Instant Laurel Hedge Blocks
Our Instant Laurel Hedge Blocks have been grown and pruned in our fields for many years to provide an instantly dense hedge. Yorkshire grown - guaranteed to be fully hardy and free from imported diseases...
Holly berries Ilex aquifolium Alaska
Looking Good
We grow hollies to large sizes in our fields, which are being lifted as wire-wrapped rootballs to order now...
Laurel blocks
Best Sellers
Wykeham Laurel Blocks From £78.00
The ultimate in Instant Hedging, our Premium Laurel Blocks create a thick evergreen hedge offering instant privacy and maximum security...
Rhododendron Horizon Monarch
Best Sellers
Rhododendron & Azalea range
A range of spring-flowering shrubs for acid soil. Large, chunky plants in 15ltr pots.....
Pyrus calleryana Chanticlear Pleached
Best Sellers
Ornamental Pear - pleached From £249.60
This Ornamental Pear retains its leaves until well into December, has white blossom in early spring and, if planted in a sunny position, coppery-red autumn foliage...
Dogwood shrub
Best Sellers
Dogwood From £52.80
Dogwood. This produces a plant about 150-300cm tall and spread with a thicket of brillant red stems from ground level which are very attractive through the winter. Vivid green leaves in summer turn bright scarlet in autumn...
Best Sellers
Yew From £24.00
Excellent hedging species, with dense evergreen crown, dark green-black needle-like foliage and red-brown bark andproduces red berry-like fruit with toxic seeds. It can be readily clipped and trained for formal hedging and for topiary...
Best Sellers
Laurel From £24.00
A tough evergreen plant that is very hardy and makes an excellent solid screen. Screen capable of being cut back into old wood and regrowing should it get too big...
Best Sellers
Himalayan Birch From £99.00
A truly beautiful small tree grown for its pure white stems that just get better with age...
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Latest Project
Wykeham Laurel Blocks provide instant privacy to North Yorkshire garden

Our client had a large gap in an established hedge next to a busy main road which left the garden exposed with very little privacy and an unsightly view.

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