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Summer is here - time to enjoy the garden!

Summer is here and it's time to really enjoy the garden and spend some time in it - but while doing so keep an eye out for any potential problems:

  • Weeds are growing rapidly and can very quickly seed and spread so when you spot a weed, don't wait - pull it out! Remember that nature abhors a vaccuum so, rather than weeding/spraying/hoeing to keep bare soil, why not plant something attractive to cover the ground and take the space otherwise colonised by weeds?
  • Trees, shrubs and hedging planted within the last couple of years won't yet be fully established and will need regular watering - don't assume that rain will be enough. If you're planning on going away for a few days (or longer) you may need to rig-up an automatic watering system or ask a trusted friend or family member to water them while you are away. If not done so yet, it might also now be a good time to give them a feed to help them along (I meant the trees not the friends - although if the weather is good you could always invite the friends round for a BBQ).
  • Most people spend more time in their gardens in summer than at any other time of year. Therefore this is the time of year when a lack of screening or privacy can be the most problemmatic. If you need any help with this please don't hesitate to contact us - some photos to show the problem would be helpful.
  • Many species of garden bird are still nesting in June, so please check hedges before clipping them and, if nesting birds are present, delay pruning for another month or more.