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It's not all doom and gloom!

In our last blog we showed you a laurel looking stressed where it was hungry, or the watering hadn’t been quite right, especially through the challenging and variable weather we’d had his spring, and we gave you some advice and reminders on how to look after them and on how to encourage them to green up again.

However, on a more positive note we just thought we’d show you how the laurels should look.

This hedge was planted with our three metre tall Instant Laurel Hedge Blocks this last winter season by our planting team and the customer has followed the aftercare instructions to the letter – as you can see, it (and everything around it) is green, lush and growing well. Now we’re not saying that if your newly planted Laurel Blocks don’t look like this then you’ve not looked after them, far from it – the weather so far this year has certainly been variable and challenging – but it certainly gives an interesting contrast in showing how they could look.

Now that we’ve had some wet weather, if your laurels were looking stressed as a result of a lack of water they should hopefully be starting to perk up now – but remember to increase the watering again when the weather turns drier again to ensure adequate and appropriate watering.

If the wet weather has actually made your laurels look worse there is a good chance that you have a drainage problem. Laurels hate being waterlogged for too long so, for them to thrive, the drainage issues will need to be addressed.

If you haven’t yet fed your laurels there is still time to do so if they look a bit pale and hungry.

I hope this helps but if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Adam Smith, General Manager