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Now is an excellent time to give your plants a good feed. We normally recommend feeding:

  • at the end of April
  • at the end of May
  • a final one at the end of June

It is not advisable to feed after this with anything that is too high in nitrogen as it can make the plants too soft going into the autumn and winter. My personal preference is for a granular feed that can be scattered around the base of the plant and then watered in. But if you want to be organic you can use blood, fish and bone according to the manufacturers recommendations. Or use one of the water-soluble feeds if this fits in with your watering regimes.

Feeding at this time of year is particularly advisable for evergreens such as laurels, which are greedy feeders and can be looking a bit yellow and starved at this time of year. A feed now will dramatically improve their colour and maximise the amount of spring growth.


Hungry Yellow Laurel needing a feed

A hungry yellow laurel

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23 May 2020