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The start of spring marks the end of the bare root and rootball planting season which typically runs from November to March. During these cold winter months most plants are dormant. This means that they can be transplanted straight from the ground here at the nursery, either bare rooted or as rootballs, directly to their new homes without affecting their growth. Once the warmer weather is upon us, the plants will start to ‘wake up’ and can no longer be transplanted in this way.

Here at Wykeham, all of our Instant Hedging range is available to purchase as rootball stock including Yew, Hollies and our premium Laurel hedging. So if you’re looking to plant an instant hedge or screen, now is the time to place your order.

What is a rootball?

When referring to rootball plants, it simply means that the plant has been lifted from the ground with its complete rootball intact. A highly specialised piece of machinery lifts the plant and its roots from the ground. The roots and soil are then wrapped in hessian and a wire mesh to ensure they are kept secure. The hessian and wire mesh are then left on the plant when it is planted and will decompose over time.

Why buy rootball stock?

Plants which are field grown, rather than container grown, are much more mature and well-established. They have been growing in the fields for a minimum of four years, depending on their height. This will create a greater instant impact due to their superior density.

When buying rootball stock you can be assured that the plant has been transplanted with minimal damage to its roots. They will continue to remain happy and healthy, growing well once in the new location provided a proper watering and maintenance regime has been adhered to.

We also supply a range of smaller hedging plants in containers which can be planted all year round. So if you do need something smaller to plant in the summer, these could be a good option.

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23 March 2021