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Now is the time to feed your evergreen plants

The end of April is an excellent time to start feeding your plants, particularly evergreens. They will start to perk up at this time of year as the weather improves after a long hard winter which has leached the nutrients out of the soil.

In fact, some evergreens are looking particularly brown this year due to the two cold blasts which came courtesy of the ‘Beast from the East’ and practically freeze dried the plants.

Don’t worry, this isn’t permanent damage and the plants aren’t dying. The brown leaves will start to drop off as spring progresses and new young fresh growth will emerge. A good fertiliser regime will maximise the new growth and help to repair the damage as soon as possible

We would recommend the use of a high nitrogen feed with lower rates of potash and phosphate. In the case of Photinia they will also benefit from a good dose of magnesium at the same time. Feeds like these can be bought from any reputable garden centre.

It is a good idea to give your plants another feed at the end of May and a final one at the end of June. Coincide this last feed with a good prune and your plants will soon be back to full health. 

If you have any specific concerns about your evergreen plants, please get in touch.