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An artistic design helps to create an instant effect

Mr and Mrs Whitely contacted Wykeham Mature Plants as they had great plans for transforming the garden of their riverside family home in East Yorkshire.

Their original idea had been formal planting using pleached or box-headed trees. However, a visit to our nursery soon saw the plans change as, with Mr Whitely being a graphic designer and having a keen artistic eye, the Whitelys immediately saw the potential of the plants that were pointed out and discussed with them.

It was decided that the bulk of the tree planting was to be dominated by rich burgundy colours, as achieved by the stem colour of Prunus serrula and the spectacular foliage of Acer platanoides ‘Royal Red’, in stark contrast to the brightness of the whitewashed walls.

The strong geometric shapes of the walls of the garden structure were beautifully complemented by the regimented structure of the planting, yet softened by the texture of foliage.

To achieve the desired effect, the planting had to be inch-perfect, but in just a few days, our team of experts helped to create a stunning setting.

“Working with Martin and the team at Wykeham has been absolutely fantastic. Right from advice on trees through to the aftercare the service has been second to none. We would also like to thank the planting team who after days of hard digging continued to move trees even as a lightning storm loomed, ensuring it looks absolutely perfect. We are chuffed with the lovely garden you have helped create for us.”

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