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Most of our trees are measured by girth (circumference) in centimetres at one metre above ground level, eg. 12/14 and 14/16 which conforms to British and European standards. As an approximate rule of thumb the girth size roughly equates to the height in feet… but there are of course exceptions so if you require clarification of the height of the tree you’re purchasing just ask. Where the size is indicated as follows: 150/175 this represents the height of the plant material in centimetres, ie, the plant is 150 cm to 175 cm above ground level.

Further abbreviations used are:

FTD = Feathered. The plant has branches starting from near to ground level and continuing all the way up the stem.

MLT = Multi stemmed. This is a tree that has two of more trunks from ground level.

Std = Standard. This tree has a clear unbranched trunk up to a height of approximetly 175 cm.

Bsh = Bush. Bushy in shape.