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High level screening

Privacy and security are usually the most important things that people want from their gardens. With planning issues involved with higher hard works, high level screening with plants is a good solution, providing an instant screen and at the same time softening the environment with living plants. Wykeham Mature Plants produces a range of pleached trees and shaped evergreen plants to meet this need.

Our pleached trees have 180cm stems and heads 150cm square, which are ideal for screening without taking up much space. Shorter stem heights may be available on some lines on a limited basis, or trained to order – subject to availability of training stock and time of year.

Framed “panels” from just above soil level are also available of some species/varieties with heights of 175cm and spread of 100 or 110cm, and larger at 220-250cm tall by 120-150cm spread.

Please do contact us for more details.