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Planting a laurel hedge

Planting a laurel hedge


Planting and consultation expertise

Do you want to give your plants the best start possible? Our optional tree planting service extends to mature shrubs and hedging plants.

From relatively small garden planting schemes to major projects, we would be delighted to help.

A premier planting service

Tailored to your exact needs, this service could include:

  • A site visit so we can provide an accurate quote to assess your project’s logistics
  • Tools and equipment, including mechanical diggers if necessary
  • Additional compost and/or fertiliser if necessary
  • Manoeuvring the trees shrubs or hedge plants from the delivery kerbside onto site and preparing them for planting
  • Siting and aligning the trees or shrubs for the greatest visual impact
  • Continually assessing site conditions during the planting process, including suggesting planting position changes
  • Digging the planting holes or trench to the correct width and depth
  • Tree stakes or ground anchors if needed
  • Basic automatic soaker hose watering systems for hedges if required

Leave it to the experts

The Wykeham Mature Plants team are experts in planting large trees and shrubs. Many team members have more than 25 years’ experience in horticulture.

Buy peace of mind

Stock planted by our team is guaranteed for three years – subject to correct aftercare as guided by us. During the first few years after planting, we ask customers to share any concerns with us straight away. This helps identify and diagnose any problems early, minimising losses and protecting your investment.

Get in touch

Interested in our planting service? Please call us on 01723 862 406 or email so we can prepare an estimate, or arrange for a site visit.


Site visit and consultation service

Need inspiration for a difficult corner, a garden makeover or a major commercial project? We offer a site visit and consultation service. We will assess your site’s soil, light and exposure conditions in person. Then recommend the specific plants that will thrive.

In the past we’ve visited sites across North Yorkshire. Plus the South, West and East Riding, Northumberland, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire and beyond.

The fee is £50 within Yorkshire. This increases for visits further afield. However we try to keep costs down by visiting when we’re in the area. Find out more in Site visits.

Planting service aftercare

For the long-term success of your plants, we provide you with ongoing aftercare support and guidance.

On the day of planting, you will receive detailed guidelines about caring for your plants. For the first year we will also email you with advice on:

  • Watering
  • Fertilising
  • Loosening tree straps

Here to help

Every site and plant is different, so please get in touch with any queries. We can also prepare an estimate for you or arrange for a site visit.

Limits of liability

Electricity cables and underground services

Part of the reason for the initial pre-planting site visit is to try to identify potential issues. These include access limitations, issues with the digging conditions, the presence of utility services, and other obstacles.

We make every effort to avoid hitting electrical cables or underground services. We do this through visual inspection. Also, if you suspect underground cables may be present, we use a CAT scanner to check for electrical signals. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to alert us of their presence.  Fibre-optic cables can sometimes be very shallow and un-guarded. This makes them difficult to detect and particularly vulnerable.

We cannot take responsibility for any damage to services if we have not been notified of their specific location before we start digging. No liability for any damage is accepted or implied as some cables and pipes are difficult to detect.

What our customers say

“The work was undertaken with the utmost care and attention by gardeners who were knowledgeable and friendly. They gave us plenty of information so that we can maintain the trees and shrubs in the future. We now have the garden that we always wanted.” – Mrs Bond, North Yorkshire

“We are very pleased with our beautiful trees and I love my camellias. Your men worked very hard and were very professional. They explained the aftercare the trees would need. We are delighted!” – Mrs Blair, North Yorkshire

“Right from advice on trees through to the aftercare the service has been second to none. We would also like to thank the planting team who, after days of hard digging, continued to move trees even as a lightning storm loomed. We are chuffed with the lovely garden you have helped create for us.” – Mr and Mrs Whitely, East Yorkshire