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Hornbeam - pleached

Carpinus betulus
Grown In Yorkshire

Looking for above fence screening trees that don't take up too much space? By trimming and framing, we have created Pleached Hornbeams which are the perfect solution. UK grown.

6 feet-tall fences or walls are the maximum height allowed without planning permission. Planting Pleached Hornbeam adds even higher screening. Technically a deciduous tree, Hornbeam is exempt from the 'high hedge' restrictions which apply to evergreens. However it is often 'everbrown', retaining many brown leaves during winter.

Our plants have a 180cm stem/trunk, with a pleached head of 150cm wide by 120cm high. We usually recommend a planting spacing of 180cm (6ft) from stem to stem. But you can go a little closer if needed.

Basic annual maintenance helps the Hornbeam retain its pleached shape. It also helps the 'head' fill in even more. Eventually the plant becomes twiggy enough to support the shape. You can then remove the frame, or wait for it to come apart on its own, over time.


Root Form

Container Grown, 77 litre container


10/12, 12/14, 14/16, 16/18, 18/20, 20/25

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Double staking kit recommended (£24 each)

£419.00£533.00 per plant


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