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Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia
Grown In Yorkshire

Looking for tall Laurel hedge plants? Tough and evergreen, Laurel is very hardy and makesĀ an excellent solid screen. It is also adaptable, as you can cut back into old wood and it will regrow.

Laurel thrives in most situations, including semi shade. However it does not tolerate waterlogged ground or salt spray. This includes coastal positioning and salt splash off a road caused by gritting.

We sell Laurels ranging from 150cm (around 5 feet) to 200cm (6 and a half feet) in height.

Short on space? You may wish to consider using Pleached Cherry Laurel Rotundifolia. We train the Laurel to fill a square frame, offering height but with minimum width.



100 – 125cm, 125 – 150cm, 150 – 175cm, 175 – 200cm, 200 – 250cm

Maturity Stage


Root Form

36 litre container

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