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Snowy Mespilus or June berry

Amelanchier Lamarckii
Grown In Yorkshire

An excellent large shub giving good value for money. Coppery-purple tinged foliage as it opens in the spring followed by masses of racemes of star-shaped white flowers in early spring, followed by vivid autumn colours of reds, oranges and yellows. Even after the leaves have fallen the silhouette is very graceful. This shrub will grow in most soils except waterlogged ones and will tolerate a fair bit of exposure. Mature height around 5 metres.

Notes of Interest:Superb spring flowers and great autumn colour. Good VFM in a small garden.

Available as a shrub 150 to 250 cm tall.



125 – 150cm, 150 – 175cm, 175 – 200cm, 200 – 250cm

Root Form

36 litre container, Container Grown, 77 litre container

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