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Wykeham Laurel Blocks

Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia
Grown In Yorkshire

Need an instant laurel hedge for immediate privacy and maximum security? Use our premium Laurel instant hedge blocks to create a thick evergreen hedge.

Each Laurel hedge block has been growing in our fields for many years. They have been pruned twice a year to deliver incredible density and strength. Unlike a fence, they will not blow down and cannot be climbed over or pushed through.

Our root balled stock is available from November to March.

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125 – 150cm, 150 – 175cm, 175 – 200cm, 200 – 250cm, 250 – 300cm, 300 – 350cm

Maturity Stage


Root Form

Root Balled

Our instant laurel hedge blocks are extremely heavy. We recommend organising mechanical assistance for offloading and for handling on site. These sizes (125cm-200cm) can be handled by two or more strong people using a sturdy sack trolley on relatively level ground. However sizes over 2m tall require mechanical assistance.

Supplied as wire-wrapped rootballs. There is no need to remove the wire. As it is not galvanised, the wire will eventually rust away under the ground.

Remove any netting from the foliage before back-filling the planting hole/trench. The laurel blocks have been trimmed with obvious sides. You may need to turn them so that your new hedge lines up.

£141.00£347.00 per plant


Rootballed stock is normally available from November to March.

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