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Taxus Baccata
Grown In Yorkshire

With a dense evergreen crown, yew hedge plants create excellent boundaries. They produce dark green-black needle-like foliage, red-brown bark and red berry-like fruit with toxic seeds. Yew is easy to clip and train for formal hedges and topiary schemes.

Yew hedge plants can grow up to a foot (30cm) a year. Need tall yew plants instantly? Ours range from 1m 25cm (4 feet) to above 2m 25 (over 7 feet tall). They tolerate urban sites, wind, root competition and even dense shade. They are not suitable for very acid soils, very sunny dry sites, or soggy or waterlogged soils.

Our root balled plants are available November to mid March. This is the perfect time to plant yew, as they are dormant and can be transplanted in their new position without affecting their growth. Find out more in our plant your bare-root and rootball hedging blog.



50 – 75, 75 – 100cm, 100 – 125cm, 125 – 150cm, 150 – 175cm, 175 – 200cm, 200 – 250cm, 250 – 300cm

Root Form

Root Balled

Our Yew hedging plants are delivered free on a pallet. The minimum quantity (QTY) specified above indicates the spread (length) that the hedge will cover.

For example: 80cm to 100cm tall by 30cm x 20 QTY will cover 600cm (30cm x 20)

Delivery cost is included in the cost of each plant. These plants can be loaded onto a pallet. To ensure delivery costs are economical as possible for you, there is a minimum order quantity.

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See more delivery information.

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£34.00£234.00 per plant


Rootballed stock is normally available from November to March.

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