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Instant beech hedging
Green Beech foliage

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Fagus sylvatica

Often used for hedging and screening. Young leaves are pale green, turning glossy dark green, then yellow to orange-brown in autumn. Foliage on juvenile growth (e.g. on a hedge) is retained in winter until new foliage emerges in spring. Roots can be shallow and very widely-spreading. Will tolerate most moist but free-draining soils, including chalk – will not tolerate waterlogged conditions. Although “everbrown” (the dead leaves are retained during winter on juvenile growth, i.e. when regularly clipped as a hedge), and thereby giving winter cover as an evergreen would, this is still strictly speaking a deciduous plant and as such is exempt from the rules which can potentially limit the allowed height of evergreen hedges.

Advanced Beech hedging sizes

Containerised stock: each hedge plant is in a 77 litre pot manageable by two people (or one person using a sack trolley). These plants will take a year or so of trimming to thicken up to make a solid hedge. Plant one every 2ft (60cm) for maximum density. Stock is often very limited of these so please check with us re availability.

Rootballed stock from the fields: each hedge plant is supplied as a wire-wrapped soil rootball dug from our fields, which is heavy but manageable by two people using a sack trolley. These plants will give pretty much instant density when planted one every 2ft (60cm). Dug from our fields during dormancy (November to March).

Grown in Yorkshire

These plants can be loaded onto a pallet and the delivery cost is included in the cost of each plant. We stipulate a minimum order quantity so that we can ensure delivery is as economical as possible for you. 

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Width of block: 105 - 120cm
£135.00 per plant

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If you have a query about this plant or your order, please call 01723 862 406 or email

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