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Wykeham Mature Plants Trees

Wykeham Mature Plants originally started in the 1970’s as Wykeham Trees growing mature and semi-mature trees for local authorities and the commercial sector. As the market moved towards more year round planting schemes and as the business grew, a decision was taken to grow all deciduous trees in containers which makes planting easier (due to the reduced weight verses root balls) and also minimises the level of root disruption during planting to give the trees the best possible chance of success. It also means we can supply them at any time of the year. 

Our container grown deciduous trees are available in sizes from 10/12cm to 30/35cm, depending on the variety, with the smaller sizes grown in green laminated bags (designed to prevent root spiralling) and with larger trees in air pots (designed to create a highly fibrous root system) to facilitate transplantation and establishment.

Production is across a wide range of common and popular varieties. For a trade availability list please contact us or, for regular access to this, request a trade login for our website.