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Once your plants have arrived it is vitally important that you continue to take good care of them, especially whilst they are still establishing themselves.The health and successful establishment of your plants is dependent on correct planting and correct, ongoing aftercare. Failure to do so will invalidate your guarantee.

We have compiled several guides which are designed to help you maintain the health of your plants and if you have any queries or concerns about any of the plants you have purchased, please contact us.


As well as our guides below, there are several other points to consider;


  • Check ties/straps every few months and loosen as and when necessary. Conversely, guy wires used for aerial guying can loosen or slip occasionally, so remember to check these and tighten them if necessary. Once the tree has fully rooted (after 2-3 years or so), remove the supports.


  • We don’t usually recommend adding lots of fertiliser at the time of planting because, as long as there is sufficient organic matter in the soil, we feel that it is better to encourage the roots to search for nutrients. However, many evergreens and vigorous species benefit from a feed in the first spring following planting as their roots will have not yet moved far but they will have exhausted the nutrients within their rootballs. Therefore a good balanced feed, such as Fish, Blood & Bone or a good rose fertiliser, should be applied in early April and can be applied again in June if necessary.


  • If for any reason signs of nutrient deficiency develop, which would usually be displayed as leaf yellowing (not to be confused with water stress), then application of a high-nitrogen fertiliser, possibly followed by an application of Epsom Salts to add Magnesium, may be beneficial. For further advice regarding feeding, or for bespoke advice tailored to your purchase and to your soil conditions, ask a member of our sales team.