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Firethorn is an excellent planting choice if you want to achieve an evergreen thorny hedge. Firethorn – official name Pyracantha – produces white flowers in May and June as well as berries which attract birds. These are either red, yellow or orange depending on the variety you choose. Grows well in most soils.

Regular Firethorn hedging sizes

To create a hedge, we recommend planting two Firethorn plants per metre. After a couple of years, these will merge together to create a hedge length of 6m.

Each regular Firethorn (Pyracantha) is 125cm to 150cm cm tall by 30cm spread in a 10 litre pot. The minimum quantity for delivery is 12.

More advanced Firethorn hedging sizes

These bushes come in 36 litre pots which can be managed by one person. Two years of trimming will encourage the growth needed to create a solid evergreen security hedge.

We may have to trim down their tops before delivery if they are too tall to fit on a pallet. However they will soon grow back. Plus this pruning will help create bushier plants.

A prickly project?

If you wish to protect smaller nesting birds, or deter trespassers, we have a variety of hedging plants on offer. For more suggestions, please take a look at our Prickly hedging for security article.


Maturity Stage



Pyracantha Orange Glow

Root Form

36 litre container


200 – 250cm

Price does not include delivery. Please call to discuss options and costs.

The minimum quantity (QTY) specified above indicates the spread (length) the Firethorn hedge will cover.

For example: 150 to 175cm tall by 50cm x 6 QTY will cover 300 cm (60cm x 6)

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£79.00 per plant

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