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  • Grazing animals can do a great deal of damage in a very short space of time and, unfortunately, our guarantee does not cover any physical damage after the plants have left our care, which would of course include grazing.


  • If there is a chance that there are rabbits or hares on site all trees will need to be fitted with a rabbit guard; a mesh guard for medium-sized and larger trees or a spiral guard or tube for smaller, usually bare root stock (guards on smaller stock will need additional support from a cane or small stake).


  • Tree guards won’t fit around shrubs, but they can be protected from rabbits by creating a small enclosure with mesh or rabbit wire supported by three or four small stakes or sturdy canes. If this is not appropriate for the site, and if making the site itself rabbit-proof is not a feasible option, then try as best you can to minimise the number of rabbits on site and to use whatever deterrents you can (products that leave a foul-tasting residue, such as “Grazers”, may help).


  • When planting hedges from young and/or bare-rooted stock it may be prudent to shield each plant with a spiral guard. However, these guards will prevent side-branching and lead to a hedge with bare legs! It may be possible to completely enclose a short length of hedging with mesh, but this will make weed control rather difficult, so it may be necessary to attempt other solutions (see above).


  • Deer can be very difficult to exclude, so be sure to protect the main stems of trees by installing larger/sturdier guards or enclosures when possible. Foul smelling/tasting deterrents may also help.


  • When planting where grazing livestock will be present appropriate stock enclosures need to be erected before the livestock can be allowed back into the area. Obviously, the bigger the livestock the bigger (and stronger) the enclosures need to be. If you need advice regarding suitable non-toxic species for planting in or near grazing areas please ask a member of our sales team.