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Austrian Pine

Pinus nigra
Grown In Yorkshire

The Austrian or black pine is a hardy conifer with dark green needles suitable for most soils but disliking waterlogged conditions. It ideal for maritime or roadside situations as its needles a resistant to salt sprays making it a good seaside tree or shelter belt.

The Pinus nigra grows at about 45cm per year making about 8 metres tall after 10years but happily accepts pruning and can be shaped and maintained as required.


Root Form

Root Balled


125 – 150cm, 150 – 175cm, 175 – 200cm, 200 – 250cm, 250 – 300cm, 300 – 350cm, 350 – 400cm, 400 – 450cm

£108.00£878.00 per plant


Rootballed stock is normally available from November to March.

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